Increase Successful MRI Scans and Improve Patient Safety

Introducing AVID MRI Safe Headphones with Sound+ Acoustic Tubing


Designed with patient safety, comfort and experience in mind. These headphones help to keep patients more relaxed, which leads to a higher percentage of successful MRI scans by reducing the amount of motion artifacts during testing.

Developed in partnership with technologists, AVID MRI headphones offer a best in class noise reduction rating, as well as superior Sound+ acoustic enhancing tubing for easy communication between patient and medical professional or during music playback.


Additional benefits include:

  • Adjustable headband fits a variety of sizes
  • Durable and easy to clean design
  • Dual layer comfort padding on ear cups & headband
  • Headphone fits comfortably in a variety of head coils
  • Able to be paired with AVID ear plugs to obtain 29dB NR rating
  • Compatible with leading MRI systems (system adapters available, i.e. Siemens)


Helpful links:

MRI Program Info Sheet

MRI 300 Series Data Sheet

By the Numbers



AVID MRI headphones increase patient comfort and fit.


Best in class 30% better noise reduction than other models.

AVID MRI headphones help block out machine noise.


Adjustable Tube Sleeves


Dual Layer Comfort Padding


GE System Connector with Contour Grip


Reinforced Ear Cup Connection


Sound+ Acoustic Enhancing Tubing


MRI Safe Program

Providing cost effective solutions that improve the patient and technologist experience. 

MRI Safe Headphone


Provides superior comfort, safety and best in class noise reduction. Equipped with Sound+ acoustic tubing.


MRI Safe Ear Muffs


Gives protection from surrounding noises resulting in improved patient safety and relaxation.


Siemens Adapter


Easily add the Siemens MRI system adapter to AVID MRI Safe Headphone without sacrificing any sound transfer quality.


Repair Kit


Everything you need to repair Sound+ tubing. Includes: GE connector, two sleeves, two inline connectors and tube of glue.


Extension Kit


Everything you need to extend Sound+ tube length. Includes: 52 inch tubing, GE connector, two sleeves, two inline connectors and tube of glue.


Sanitary Earpad Covers


Comfortable, lightweight non-woven material minimizes exposure to bacteria between uses. Each pair is individually packaged in paper sachet.


Eye Shades



Enhance patient relaxation with comfortable, light blocking eye shades. Two styles: soft cotton/terry (top) and 100% polyester (bottom).


Silicone Ribbed Earplugs



Provide superior fit and noise reducing seal for a wide range of ear sizes. Each pair packaged in heat sealed polybag or corded in translucent case.

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