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A La Carte

Meet your marketing and revenue objectives with a component-based approach to product development.  Our easy-to-execute, five-step development process provides the opportunity to develop a customized IFE and comfort product assortment that aligns with your branding strategy and enhances the passenger experience.  The AVID team is with you each step to ensure success.


Inventory Now

Your AVID team has identified the most popular IFE and passenger comfort products airline professionals ask for and we've made a major commitment to a have a large inventory of each of these products available. You can count on AVID for a consistent, reliable supply of the products you need most. INVENTORY NOW means that we have the products you need when you want them. We will provide:

  • Rigorous forecasting
  • Optimized inventory management
  • Extensive warehousing
  • Systematic minimum stock levels
  • Best service levels in the industry

Brand Partnership

AVID recognizes branding is an important competitive differentiator. Identifying and aligning our business partners with like-minded, recognizable brands is an important component of our successful co-branding strategy. AVID’s brand stewardship, our ability to protect the integrity of the brands we work with, is an integral part of our approach. 

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