In-Flight Entertainment

AVID has been developing inflight entertainment headphones for the travel industry for more than 50 years! From single-use earphones to noise-canceling headphones, we offer a wide variety of listening solutions for the delight of your passengers. Our airline and train customers trust us for innovative products, that provide durable construction and quality sound for an enhanced user experience.






When it comes to onboard experience, AVID is an expert! We apply our knowledge of the traveler to everything we do: from the bag to the skin care! Consult with AVID and be sure that together we will create the best amenity your passenger could hope for. AVID pays attention to all details: choosing the right bag, creating an unforgettable experience right from the opening, giving the whole kit your brand's look and feel, working with other cabin interiors' elements, this is our passion! Our kits delight and continue wowing passengers everyday on many airplanes around the world!




AVID thrives to make the flying experience as seemless as possible, recreating a comfortable and luxurious hotel-like atmosphere for your passengers. We offer blankets, duvets, sleepwear, in various materials, pending on your requirements and your budget constraints. We are always thriving to innovate in materials, shapes, styles, the sky is the limit! We work with you to ensure your customers will remember their experience on your planes, your trains, your ships!





Give your customers the experience of a beautiful meal served with elegance! AVID Design has created gorgeous custom serviceware never seen before. Our plays with colors, patterns, and materials are not only original and unique, but will inspire your passengers while providing an unforgettable experience! Let them remember your brand beyond the walls of the aircraft. Browse our new dishes and cutlery products below and choose your next custom serviceware!




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