Below you'll find details about our AVID Recreation Products.




Activity Socks

Rock your Socks! Working with your marketing team, we will design the socks that meet your requirements, your branding, your clientele. No-show, ankle, calf, knee, you name it, we do it. Millions of our socks are being used today across the country for your customers' pleasure. Quality and value are our motto. The sock body and the treads are specially designed to sustain the wear inflicted while jumping repeatedly on PVC mats. AVID offers any size range to fit your demographics.





Birthday Kits

Birthdays are meant to be celebrated! At AVID, we have put together an assortment of kid-friendly products that will make them want to have their birthday with you all year-round! Our packaging is fun, our products are entertaining and will carry your brand beyond your walls. Rely on word-of-mouth promotion; you know that, with children, the word will spread fast!




Team Apparel 

From uniforms to appreciation kits, we have something for your staff members! Let them be recognized on the mats with trendy shirts, shorts, socks. Let them know how much you appreciate their hard work with especially assembled kits that will surely give them a warm feeling about working for you and bring a new wind to their efforts.





You will love AVID's dodge balls, they come in 3 sizes, in 6 different colors, even glow-in-the-dark! We also offer printing customizations: logos, taglines, and drawings, it's your choice! Our dodge balls are designed to accommodate on-mat playing, with all the dynamics and friction involved!



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