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President and CEO

Mike Twist

Mike enjoys his role as AVID's President and CEO in Middletown, RI.  In 1961, in collaboration with TWA, AVID developed the first in-flight entertainment headset for commercial passenger use.  Electronic headsets continue to be a core product in the company’s product portfolio.  Today AVID provides entertainment and comfort items to a variety of markets including travel, fitness, hospitality, education, and healthcare.  Mike’s focus over the last five years has been on transitioning AVID from a low-cost provider business model to a more sustainable value-add model. The company’s core values: empowerment, collaboration, expertise, and ingenuity, are the driving tenet behind the company’s transition and growth. In 2013 Mike assisted in the creation of the AVID ESOP, which purchased 33% of the company on behalf of the employees. The goal was to purchase the balance of the shares making AVID 100% employee owned, and today AVID is a fully employee-owned company.  Advancing the ownership culture is Mike’s newest challenge.  When not working, you can find Mike on or in the water, sailing or surfing.



Corporate Team

Linda Gibeau


Debbie Perreira


Amy Fitzgerald


Emil Belisle

Director of Marketing Communications


Product Development Manager

Brittney Lambert

Marketing & Web


Neal Babcock

Purchasing Manager

Matt Ferreira

Logistics Manager

Jacklyn Almeida

Warehouse Coordinator

Joshua Collins

Purchasing Assistant

Mark Rezendes

Quality Assurance Coordinator




Customer Service Team

Stephanie Woodlyn

Customer Service Manager

Sarah Barry

Bridget Wheeler





Warehouse Team

Ricardo Merced

Neil McQuiggan

Andrew Faria



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