AVID Design


At AVID, we collaborate with you, our valuable customer, in order to define and clarify objectives in terms of branding, design, and cost. Several meetings build understanding between the two teams, by brainstorming on direction, possibilities, and constraints.


With all your requirements in mind, the AVID Design team will research products, trends, materials, colors, and styles, as well as brands that could provide a good alignment. Regional culture, traditions, sports, and landmarks are all aspects of a customer's background we study as well.


Brainstorming various possible executions driven from the Discovery and Research phases solve the Concept Development challenge.


The Design process begins after the most valid and satisfactory ideas are selected. The execution includes variations of drafts for collaborative review and is followed by defining the final specifications, such as materials, colors, dimensions, packaging, etc.


Prototyping is based on the final design selected. Once confirmed, AVID Design's team will finalize a technical pack for sample making. After selecting the best manufacturing team, they are sent the project specs and a sample is developed for hands-on review. After that initial sample evaluation, a second technical review is constructed for a new sample. 


Production begins as the final design is approved with all the final elements of materials, colors, special features, packaging, and carton requirements. A first article production is reviewed for final inspection. Once approved, full production begins.


At AVID our expert team is well-versed in worldwide logistics. Globally operating in an extremely cost-effective manner with specialized multi-location management, we ensure that you received your products on time every time. 


Your sales executive is always here for you, as well as our world-class customer service team! AVID guarantees a response within 24 hours, even to the most challenging of questions. Together, we will review original goals against delivery and provide any necessary adjustments.


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