Increase Successful MRI Scans and Improve Patient Safety

Introducing AVID MR Safe Headphones with Sound+ Acoustic Tubing

Certified MR Safe headphones are designed with patient comfort and experience in mind. Patients that are more relaxed lead to successful MRI scans by reducing the amount of motion artifacts during testing.

Developed in partnership with technologists, MR Safe headphones offer a best in class noise reduction rating of 17dB, as well as superior Sound+ acoustic enhancing tubing, allowing for easy communication between patient and medical professional or during music playback.

Additional benefits include:

  • Compatible with leading MRI systems (system adapters available, i.e. Siemens)
  • Adjustable headband fits a variety of sizes
  • Durable and easy to clean design
  • Dual layer comfort padding on ear cups & headband
  • Headphone fits comfortably in a variety of head coils
  • Able to be paired with AVID ear plugs to obtain 29dB NR rating




Adjustable Tube Sleeves

Dual Layer Comfort Padding

GE System Connector with Contour Grip

Reinforced Ear Cup Connection

Sound+ Acoustic Enhancing Tubing

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