Customer Testimonials

"We have bought headphones from AVID for over 20 years and have always found their products to be of good quality and excellent value. The service that the AVID staff has given us over the years has always been exceptional." - Peter B.

"Our service team used to purchase two separate audio components that constantly broke and were frequently backordered by the existing supplier. Our account manager and AVID team worked with us to create a new audio cord that merged the two parts for seamless integration. The product no longer breaks and our backordered days are forgotten. Thank you, AVID!" - Tim A.

"A customer requested a product that we didn't offer at the time. In the spirit of partnership, we reached out to the AVID team, and received immediate attention. They fully listened to our need, provided options to be considered, as well as enhancement recommnedations, and were extremely responsive in their communications. The customer was very satified with the end product and we are pleased to be partnering with such a great company. It was a true demonstration of efforts to deliver a solution to the healthcare industry that provides better patient outcomes by reducing the noise pollutions." - Andrea R.W. 



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