Programs and Services

Franchise Buying

The AVID franchise buying program offers one-stop shopping for all your fitness and recreation franchise needs. 

Our franchise program, already established within major fitness and recreation names around the country, has proven efficient in maximizing your per-member revenue by offering accessories from the AVID product line. AVID also offers customization---working one-on-one with you to make sure you have complete design involvement.  Our team takes the time to study your brand and your customer base to create a product line complete with digital renderings for your review. 

Bring us your ideas and we will customize an assortment of products that will carry your brand and secure customer loyalty.

Counter Resale

Take your revenue to the next level with AVID® complete line of resale products for the fitness club member!

With competition becoming more ferocious every day and membership dues consequently decreasing, fitness club owners are increasing revenues through the resale of innovative and fitness-friendly products by AVID®. Display-friendly packaging for countertops and wall-mounted racks reduces the need for store space, keeping costs low, while the clean and sleek product designs increase sales by attracting the eye of passing club members.

Utilizing state-of-the-art software, AVID® has the ability to forecast usage and organize multi-location logistics to make sure you never run out!  Our guaranteed 24-hour response from a world-class customer service team leaves the competition in the dust.  AVID® will move your brand to new heights by keeping your members happy, comfortable and properly equipped with fitness products that surpass all the rest!

Earphone Recycle

More than 4.6 million tons of e-waste end up in US landfills each year. Over time, toxic chemicals from these electronic products leach into the land and are released into the atmosphere, impacting our own communities, negatively affecting them every day.

Enough is enough; AVID has come up with a plan! Implemented at many hotel chains and fitness clubs around the country, AVID recycling program involves RoHS-compliant earbuds, a set of dispenser and disposal receptacles and an e-recycling process as easy as 1, 2, 3!


If you'd like to discuss any further questions about any of our programs, submit an inquiry to our sales team. They're waiting to answer any question you may have and discuss your growth options. We're excited to partner with you!




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