Below you'll find details about our AVID Fitness Products. You may also download our brochure which showcases all our products, as well as our services.




Headsets |

AVID Fitness headsets are all designed with one person in mind, the athlete! From tilted buds to flat cables and inline microphones, we want to make sure each of your customers' workout experience is optimized.  We carry a wide variety of earphones and headphones with a variety of features including enhanced noise reduction, increased comfort quality, water resistance, and Bluetooth technology. AVID also offers value-based headphone options, making it easy for the club owner to carry and sell these forgettables over the counter right then and there!


Downloadable Product Data Sheets






AE-Sport with mic




Downloadable Product Data Sheets






JOGGER (Bluetooth)






Athletic Wear |


Our Athletic Wear is unquestionably some of the best on the market. The quality, colors, and customizations draw your customers' eyes and attention. You can even create custom-designed apparel for your team! Our teams work together to take the time to study your brand and your customer base to create a product line that will give you an edge over your competition all while promoting brand awareness and customer loyalty. 

Footwear |

From flip-flops to water shoes, our variety of Footwear reaches a broad spectrum of needs and wants. We strive to offer a variety of options for colors and sizes to meet the broad spectrum of customer demographics. 



Towels & Mats |

Maximize your revenue per member---with competition becoming more intense every day and membership dues consequently decreasing, fitness club owners are increasing revenues through the resale of innovative and fitness friendly products---including towels and mats. Ask about branded custom design options as well. 



Sports Bands |

AVID Sports bands make the perfect training partner for treadmill and gym use. The entire line offers adjustable straps and a secure fit. These are the perfect accessory for anyone who wants to conveniently take their phone or iPod with them while running, walking, and working out. Additional safety features have been designed into the AVID bands for night workouts, with reflective bands for outdoor sports. Available in armbands or waist packs. 

Accessories |

AVID is all about branding and customization! We carry a variety of accessories that can be branded according to your specific company and customer needs and cost parameters. Beyond gym locks and water bottles, AVID's accessory line expands on a regular basis according to our customer requests. 





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