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January 23-26, 2019  |  BETT  |  ExCeL London |  Booth C275


January 27-30, 2019  |  FETC  |  Orange County Convention Center |  Booth 1538


February 4-8, 2019  |  TCEA  |  San Antonio, TX |  Booth 880


News & Updates

Catch up on AVID news and product announcements below. Check back for more exclusive releases!


May 2019  | Case Study shows AE-55 headset is a leader in delivering on state-specific assessment guidelines. Read more here.


February 2019  | Check out our AVID Education video and learn more about the innovative products we develop for the edtech market.


May 2018  | OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE of our new headset---the AE-55! Read more about this unique and test-centric headset here


February 2018  | TCEA  in TEXAS! This show was amazing! We unveiled our TELPAS headset to the Texan community and they loved it. 


January 2018  |  Florida was amazing as we introduced our award-winning FISHBONE for the first time to the attendees, and it was a hit! 


March 2017  |  Thank you for attending MACUL with us! We had a great time partnering with Precision Data Products, Inc!


January 2017 | Thank you for coming by!

We loved seeing you at FETC in beautiful Florida!....


September 2016 | Product Release: AE-42

Inspired by the clean lines common to contemporary design, the AE-42 is AVID Education’s new headphone for the value-oriented classroom audiophile. The headphone features an inline mic and volume control and is compatible with any device that has a 3.5mm audio jack. As is standard with AVID Education’s top-end products, the AE-42 is built classroom-tough with durable non-removable ear pads and a braided nylon cord. The 40mm speaker found in the AE-42 is constructed around a high-strength Neodymium magnet and a speaker cone optimized for bass response that also offers superior fidelity in both the mid and high ranges.







September 2016 | Product Release: AE-66

The AE-66 is a full-size headphone shoehorned into the body of a mid-size headphone. It features a hinge built into the headband that allows the headphone to fold into a tiny package for storage. However, the true strength of the AE-66 lies in its ergonomic layout. The pillow-like ear pads are filled with high-grade foam, are upholstered in a supple faux leather, and are independently actuated on an armature built into each side of the headband. All of these elements factor together to provide one of the most comfortable listening experiences that AVID Education currently offers. Coupled with a powerful 40mm speaker and an inline mic with volume control, the AE-66 is a segment-leading headphone.





September 2016 | Product Release: FISHBONE

After hearing from an increasing number of loyal customers about the troubles caused by the common problem of pin breakage that is endemic to all headphones utilizing the standard 3.5mm audio pin, AVID Education began to work on and ultimately innovated with a first-of-its-kind solution. The FISHBONE is a flexible 3.5mm pin and jack adapter which acts as an inline reusable breakaway point between the headphone or earphone and audio output device. When the headphone is pulled away from the jack at an off-angle (which, prior to the FISHBONE, would cause the pin to break off inside the jack resulting in the need for costly repairs) the FISHBONE bends towards the pull and allows the headphone’s pin to back cleanly out of the FISHBONE’s jack. The FISHBONE stands as proof of AVID Education’s commitment to facilitating quality classroom instruction and growing student understanding via increasing the uptime of vital classroom technology.

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