Below you'll find details about our Education Products. Students and staff have found our electronic headphones to be a valuable tool. We currently supply headphones to schools for educational programs, language labs, theatrical productions, sports teams; as well as supply to libraries for their computer stations and museums for guided tours.

Our products are available in a variety of styles, colors, and listening options. Color options help not only in group learning but also in keeping the classroom organized by assigning different color headphones to each listening center.





NEW | 50 Series


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Model AE-54

Model AE-55

Already becoming an educator favorite, the top-of-the-line 50 Series classroom headsets boast exceptional comfort and durability and is now available with a non-microphone option, AE-54. The modern style of the 50 Series is designed to stand up to the daily wear and tear of a busy classroom, as well as exceed even the strictest testing requirements.  Both models are laden with features including noise-reducing padded ear pieces, adjustable headband and sturdy nylon-braided chew-resistant cord. Available as part of the convenient Class Pack kit.

Personal Headsets | 30 Series


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Model AE-35

Model AE-36

Model AE-39

The perfect match for devices with a single headphone jack that operates both the speakers and microphone, such as some tablet computers and newer laptops. It has a 6' cord, single 3.5mm stereo plug, flexible microphone, and permanent padded vinyl earpads. The headband is padded and adjustable making it a great choice for all ages.




Personal Headsets | 40 Series


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Model AE-42

The AE-42 is designed as one of the most robust thin-profile headsets on the market. The headsets in this series have minimal moving parts and a ruggedized headband to withstand even the toughest mechanical abuse. The AE-42 features an adjustable padded headband for ultimate comfort. It comes in gray and bright green for easier student grouping and class organization.

Personal Headsets | 60 Series


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Model AE-66

The AE-66 Series has been designed with online student testing standards in mind. These headphones feature an innovative hinge design that allows both earcups to fold away into the headband. The AE-66 stows away easily in desk drawers and/or storage lockers. However, with its vinyl earpads and full-size speakers, the AE-66 does not compromise on sound quality and comfort. It produces a high-fidelity sound that enables the students to listen to audio instruction with unmatched clarity enhanced by minimized surrounding noise.




Personal Headphones | 711 Series


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Model AE-711

Model AE-711V

Model AE-711VC

The lightweight AE-711 headphones come with small-sized vinyl, padded earcups and are ideal for assigning to students to keep throughout the academic year. They are the perfect choice for listening to audio books and simple audio training. The adjustable headband fits a variety of students and has a volume control option that allows them to listen at their own comfort level. Available in red, blue, yellow, or black.



Personal Headphones | 9000 Series


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Model AE-9092


The AE-9092 is built around AVID's time-tested 40mm speaker element. Its full-sized earpads are some of the softest in the education market especially when coupled with the full-width fixed headband pad. The size earpad offers excellent passive noise reduction which works very well for special needs students who have trouble focusing in noisy environments. The AE-9092 is also in classroom packs.



Personal Headphones | FV Series


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Model FV-060

The FV-060 is a medium-sized light-weight headphone with adjustable headband and vinyl earpads for comfort and reusability. It features an incredibly clear sound and a very durable construction for the value. Its design has been proven and used for years by classrooms around the country, truly a must-have!



Lab Headphones | 800 Series

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Our full-sized lab headphones are designed for the rugged use that computer labs encounter on a daily basis. These headphones are meant to be assigned per computer and used by multiple students throughout the day. Their vinyl earpads and headbands are easily cleaned with a damp cloth. The large earpads have extra padding that helps block out surrounding noises, aiding both the concentration of the student while working, and keeping the lab quiet.



Single-Use | Earphones


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Model AE-1M

Model AE-205

Model AE-215

Model JS-75

Model TT-3

In steps easy as 1, 2, 3, distribute a single-use earphone to all students on their exam day. They can use it for a few hours and throw it in the recycling bin when they are done. They come in easy-to-peel individual polybags for sanitary reasons. No need for maintenance, storage, any special care. Just Receive, Use, and Recycle!






Organization | Classroom Packs

AVID's  most popular headphone models are available in convenient Classroom Packs. Nicely stored in a hard case, the headphones - up to 30 depending on the model - are protected and organized, ready for classroom use.




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