Enhancing the Student's Experience

For over 60 years, AVID has been supplying headphones and other audio products to K-12 schools, colleges, libraries, and museums.

AVID offers a varied selection of durable products that are perfect for high-use areas, including headphones that have replaceable foam earpads or easy-to-clean vinyl, various storage and organization options to help ensure the preservation of your product, as well as a variety of boom boxes and PA systems. By collaborating with educators, we continuously develop, expand, and modify our product line to keep up with the changes prevalent in the education market.

Our educational products are stored in our Rhode Island warehouse, allowing us to track our inventory easily and quickly ship orders. Currently AVID supplies headphones to schools for various education programs, language labs, theatrical productions, sports teams, and much more. Both public and school libraries have found them to be a valuable tool to pair with their audio books and computer programs, while museums supply visitors with AVID headphones for self-guided tours.




Contact us for us for more information on products or if you'd like to place an order! 

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