Air Travel Necessity: Why This Item is the Number One Request Onboard

Let’s face it, traveling can be hectic. We pack, we plan, yet we still forget things! Therefore, it comes at no surprise that flight attendants are swamped with requests for left-behind travel necessities. The number one item passengers ask for? Headphones, and here is why:


Block out noise. A full flight is noisy with chatter and younger travelers that are prone to crying, plus the plane itself is loud. Headphones will help tune out the background noise for a more comfortable experience.


Easier to relax. Having your favorite tunes or TV show playing in your ears help put your mind and body at ease allowing you to rest or sleep more easily.


Respect. Playing noisy games on your phone or laptop will likely make you the bane of your seat neighbor. Use airplane etiquette and ask for headphones. It’s polite and you won’t miss a bleep.


Better sleep. As mentioned in reason two, it’s easier to relax with music or noise being channeled into your ears which means a better snooze onboard. You’ll wake up at your destination feeling rested and refreshed.


Check out the client-favorite AVID headphone styles that you need in your carry-on bag before you board your next flight:




The Tempo is by far the most popular headphone among the AVID team. This sleek and stylish headphone boasts incredible hifi audio reproduction thanks to its high-sensitivity speakers. These specially designed speakers drive a rich bass note, perfectly muffling the sound of a plane’s engines. Super comfortable foam-filled ear pads won’t wear your ears out during lengthy flights. Even more, the Tempo’s ear cups fold into the headband for easy stowing.




Contour comfort-fit earbuds are designed for versatility and comfort. Removable ear hooks keep earbuds in place while sleeping or snacking on the plane. Flat cable style won’t get tangled in your bag or pocket. The Contour’s crisp sound quality is ideal for listening to podcasts and audiobooks onboard a flight. 




Agility earbuds are essential simply for their ease of use and comfortable fit. Package includes additional different sized ear tips to ensure the best fit for all ear shapes and sizes (including children).

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