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Air Travel Necessity: Why This Item is the Number One Request Onboard

Let’s face it, traveling can be hectic. We pack, we plan, yet we still forget things! Therefore, it comes at no surprise that flight attendants are swamped with requests for left-behind travel necessities. The number one item passengers ask for? Headphones, and here is why: ... Read More

Why Headphones and Technology in the Classroom are So Important

Today’s students easily adapt to fast-moving technology and incorporating these advances into the classroom environment is vital for a variety of reasons. As AVID has adapted to the evolving needs of the Education market, we have found the following points to be the most motivating factors that guide our EdTech product development. ... Read More

AVID Donates to Community Organizations

As part of an unyielding commitment to community support, AVID has donated to a variety of worthwhile causes. This comes just in time for the busy New England summer, when organizations will be overflowed with requests from those in need. We hope this inspires others to find a way to give back to their own […] ... Read More

Happy Employee Ownership Month!

This October, we are celebrating Employee Ownership Month! Employee Ownership Month was founded by the ESOP Association and has been celebrated for over 20 years. Here at AVID, we are proud to be 100 percent employee-owned. Being part of an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) is a unique quality that allows us the freedom to […] ... Read More

Our favorite products.

View at We are packing our bags for WTCE in Germany and came across this great read! Take a look here! What’s your favorite product? “15 Products That Will Make You A Better Traveler” Make sure you check us out tomorrow and read about our favorite!   ... Read More

So, we started a blog.

If the title is any indication of what’s to come for us here at AVID, then it only clarifies the air of excitiment and intrigue amidst our office. Our new website is… ... Read More


We are super excited to be announcing the launch … ... Read More

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